Winery Edmus

The project involves preserving an existing, dilapidated stone house and renovating it to create a tasting room and guest room. We also demolished some damaged sheds to build a wine storehouse.

To create a dialogue between a new, efficient, highly technical, rigorously run winery and the existing solid stone house, we are wrapping the new building around the blond stone house.

In order to comply with the size of the house, we divided the winery into several functional units, each distinct from the other thanks to a vertical recess marking a break with the adjacent volume. Some of the volumes seem to be lifted off the ground by a recessed base, to give a certain lightness to the overall composition.

Dressed in vertical black burnt wood cladding with shimmering reflections, the winery contrasts sharply with the blonde stone house, which it enhances like a jewel case.

Wine storehouse and guest house, Vignonet (33) - Private developer - Refurbishment and new build, 2021 - Surf. 450 sqm2