Burnt Chateau

One night in July 2013, a fire consumed the chateau. The two upper levels were completely destroyed. Immediately, a large protective umbrella of scaffolding was erected to shelter the exposed building. Then the outer facade of the chateau was reproduced identically, thanks to traces still visible in the rubble. The Mansard framework was then redesigned to allow for double height on the upper levels. The interior design came next, connecting the adjoining living rooms like an embroidered lining to the grand rooms distributed along the vast corridors. Opened, simplified, bathed in natural light, the interior space exposes the majestic proportions of this grand space with its carefully selected decor.

Château XVIth- XIXth century, Montchaude (16) - Private client - Reconstruction + redevelopment, 2016 - Living area 2200 sqm - With Denis Boullanger, Heritage architect