Hidden house

Aligned with the street, a first low volume with stone-tone coating presents an austere façade. A simple angled recess, clad in wood, leads to the glazed entrance. Beyond this sheltered threshold, the patio planted with a large pine tree leads to the set-back house. This taller volume, with its wood-clad upper storey, is pierced by three vertical slits. As soon as you enter, you look southwards to the rear of the garden. A double-height atrium links the two levels of the house, with light tones dominating to let in the north-south light. Long lines of precisely designed furniture allow everything to be tidied away, freeing up the space. On the garden side, the ground floor volume extends out to shelter a large terrace. Set back, the upstairs volume deepens enough to protect the windows from the summer sun but allow it to penetrate in winter. The succulents and flowers that colonise the roof terrace offer a magnificent view from the first floor.

House, Bordeaux (33) - Private developer - New build, 2022 - Surf. 148 m2