House in the woods

At the end of the roadway lies this sloping landscape planted with remarkable trees. This ground floor house was conceived in an L-shape to meander among the trees and pass beneath the foliage. With the north-facing aspect relatively closed off, a sense of intimacy is created, and the arrival area is recessed to shelter the car and the front entrance. The slab of the roofline follows the slope of the land, and is detached from the massive walls by a glazed surface. Inside, cascading floor-levels engrave the house upon the slope of the land. Opening to the south and the pond below with large bay windows, the home wends around a hornbeam, which offers shade. The black wooden cladding roots the house into the undergrowth.

House on the outskirts of the town, Carignan (33) – Private client – New build, 2014 – Living area 120 sqm